Visit a Farmer - Our Next Run is in November 2019


If you would like to donate items to be delivered to our farmers or make a cash donation, please get in touch.  Our next run will be in the first weekend in November!

Details from our Inaugural Run

28/29 Sep 2019


In the weeks and days leading up to the first Visit a Farmer run, the team members were busy planning the route and the farms we would visit.  We collected items that were donated by everyday people from across Australia.  Items donated included food and non-perishable items – even food for the farmer’s furry friends and working dogs.  The Salvation Army donated IGA gift cards.  Generous Australians made financial donations.  Maggie Beer and Charlesworth Nuts donated gift baskets and hampers.  IOR donated $500 worth of petrol.  All in all, the first Visit a Farmer had a huge amount of donations to be delivered to our hard working and long-suffering farming families in northern SA and far west NSW.


Saturday morning:  A 4AM departure


Leaving Gawler just before 4AM, the team began the long drive to Yunta.  We visited three stations in the Yunta area before heading toward Broken Hill.  On the way, we visited the folks at Weekeroo Station and Devenborough Downs.  Due to the remote locations of these stations, we did not reach Broken Hill until 8:30PM.  We covered many Kilometers and spent 17 hours traveling on Saturday.


Sunday:  Menindee/Pooncarie


On Sunday, we visited a few stations in Menindee and then made our way toward Pooncarie with a pallet of water that was left at the Old Wharf Café to be distributed to residents in the area.


The Menindee Water Run helps provide fresh water to our drought affected communities in need.


T: 0409 989 431