Menindee Water Run:  Delivering donated water, tanks and water filters to communities in remote NSW and SA.

Visit a FarmerThis new initiative will see the team traveling to remote stations in SA and NSW.  We will be dropping in to say hello and drop off some items that have been generously donated by individuals and businesses.  Farmers and their families are often isolated from others due to the remote locations and we know that the lengthy drought has impacted the livelihood and mental health of many Australians.  We hope these visits will let our farmers know that people care and we appreciate what they do.

The Menindee Water Run has delivered countless litres of water to struggling communities in NSW and SA since early 2019.  Residents in drought stricken Menindee have been dealing with a prolonged drought and the draining of the Menindee Lakes which have had a catastrophic effect on its residents. 

Regular deliveries of water, water tanks for residents and water filters have all been facilitated by the Menindee Water Run, its partners and donors.  With the help of many people, businesses and organisations and the determination of Mal Highet to help his hometown, the people of Menindee have been able to hold on a little longer.


With little inflows over the winter and a hot summer that is fast approaching, we are preparing for the worst.  We need your help to continue delivering water and providing assistance to Menindee and other struggling towns.


The Menindee Water Run helps provide fresh water to our drought affected communities in need.


T: 0409 989 431

E: info@menindeewaterrun.com